Summertime’s Progress

This is what July looks like in the school gardens…


A miniature forest of unruly tomato plants sprawls in one of our raised beds. Students can look forward to an ample harvest of cherry tomatoes when they return in early September.


The raspberry bed planted in spring now includes squash, red clover, calendula, borage, lemon balm, and anise hyssop with a student weaving project adorning its deer exclusion boundary. A few raspberry and squash plants were nibbled before the final ropes went up, but they’ve since recovered.


Vaccinium angustifolium ripening. School staff and students have long been aware of the abundance of wild blueberries growing on campus. School gardeners sampled a few today.


These French breakfast radishes were harvested today. And there’s plenty more where that came from.


Prunella vulgaris and red clover in the mist. These wild inhabitants of the school landscape are both useful medicinal herbs.


Calendula and garlic happily share a raised bed. We harvested garlic scapes today and look forward to our garlic harvest next month.


A baby hawthorn tree and an elegantly wood chipped path are fine companions to the raspberry bed. We’re on the hunt for additional wood chips for more path-making.


Anise hyssop and cheerful day lilies make up a border between the raised beds and the school building. The border includes medicinal herbs and beneficial insect-attracting plants. The plantings maximize growing space and help to beautify the raised bed area while keeping down weeds and minimizing maintenance.


  1. First time seeing this. Really cool!

  2. Kari Medeiros · · Reply

    Really nice job !!! i’m taking the afternoon off next tue…..rain or shine. see you in the garden

  3. Terry Charlton · · Reply

    This website (and the gardens) are really wonderful. Thank you so much!
    — Terry Charlton

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