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Baby, you can never hold back spring.

Maybe we did need need to wear scarves and layers of wool to keep warm while planting Cornelian cherry and hawthorn trees on this mid-May day, but the asparagus is undeterred. These purple-topped little darlings were planted from crowns buried in a deep furrow last spring. As tempting as they may be, the experts say […]

Hedging Our Bets

Here in the bleak midwinter, garlic waits patiently beneath the snow, cilantro and dill seeds bide their time, blueberry bushes rest. It’s not such a bleak midwinter after all. The ice shimmers and shines, gulls wait on chimneys against the bluest skies, and lists of ideas, of things yet to come, grow longer by the […]

Still growing…

New England’s whirlwind summer has passed us by and we’re preparing to plant our garlic bulbs and tuck in for the cold months ahead. Gardens at the Eastport school and Labor of Love Food Pantry have continued to expand and we’re looking forward to more growth next year. Check out for an overview of […]